What Does Bella Do?

Mindfulness Programme

  • 6 week Programme delivered to pre-schools and primary schools
  • Details of programme available on request

Mindfulness Workshops

  • One hour workshop events
  • If you have a location and minumum number of people interested, please contact to arrange
  • See Events on Facebook page

Private Appointments

  • Private one-to-one appointments where Belinda visits child in home setting to help deal with stress, anxiety, anger or other issues
  • Therapies used vary depending on each child; meditation, reiki, mindfulness, crystals, coaching, play etc

Mindfulness Training Programme

  • Training programme for adults (parents, guardians, teacheres, therapists, carers) intersted to learn the benefits of mindfulness, how to use the tools and the purpose behind them
  • Mindfulness Training Programme Level 1: Belinda shares her experience, tools, techniques and mindfulness programme with participants
  • Mindfulness Training Programme Level 2: Belinda works with participants to help increase their mindfulness so children in their care can have maximum impact from a mindful adult

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