Bella the Butterfly is the creation of Belinda Murphy.

Belinda has many academic qualifications but none compare to the experience of being a Mom to her three children; Cillian, Feilim and Saorla Bella. She has a Masters of Business Studies, Reiki Master Teacher, Diploma Anatomy and Physiology, Diploma Holistic Massage, Diploma Life Coaching and Mentoring and qualifed Complementary Therapist.

Bella was created the same time as Belinda was studying to become a Reiki Master Teacher. Each time she came home from class, her two boys at the time, would ask what she learned and thus began the story of explaining in children’s language all about energy, healing, therapies, mindfulness and mediation. Belinda created a meditation recording at the time to help children become more mindful and embrace Reiki self-healing thus Bella was born.

Bella the Butterfly incorporates Reiki healing and Mindfulness to help children to be more present, not worry or be anxious about the future or past. It helps the child to regulate their emotions, build resilience, create empathy, be more connected with themselves and others. Mindfulness practiced on a regular basis can help increase attention span and awareness and bring calm to children of all ages.

Bella the Butterfly brings Mindfulness to children and families xxx

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Bella is ill

Bella was just four years old when she developed severe pain in her tummy. The doctor was called to the house and she never liked him from the moment she met him. His dark brown hard leather doctor suitcase with all these sharp tools and needles didn’t appeal to her delicate nature. He wore glasses … Continue reading Bella is ill

Bella Begins…

Once upon a time there was a little girl who always felt alone, lost, shy, worried and fearful. Her thoughts consumed her and her words never completely expressed her emotions. She made herself ill time and time again from inner turmoil which bubbled inside her. She looked ‘normal’ on the outside but on the inside … Continue reading Bella Begins…

Twinkle Twinkle

Twinkle Twinkle is my latest meditation for children to help them become more calm and relaxed. Ideal for bed-time routine or when anxious or worried. Enjoy special time with your Stars xxx

Bella’s Story

Once upon a time, there was a little brown caterpillar struggling to find her place in the world. She was unsure of herself and her surroundings and often felt so different that others would laugh at her. She felt alone at times and retreated into her cocoon of nature, love and light often to find … Continue reading Bella’s Story

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