A Gift

A gift, a reward, a treat for being good, for coming through obstacles…

This is Saorla Bella, our gift we received when we faced our challenges.

My partner and I came together like pieces of a jig-saw; a little bit broken but so much more whole when together. We both had faced serious uphill battles and were so open to love; to loving fully and completely every bit of the other person. We had both been through difficult marriages, separations and all the lovely stuff that comes with that. We had both been so hopeful that life could be better, that we deserved better and we worked on a daily basis making ourselves more wholesome. We both had been through the fires and when we met it was like we were to walk through all the other fires a little less flammable because we held each other. We continued to face battles together involving court cases, health issues, career changes, home changes.

I had two boys from my marriage and I always wanted three children. Three was my magic number for no particular reason or maybe subconsciously there was reasons…I am from a family of three siblings as it my father and my mother. I intuitively knew after my second baby that I would have another. Then when separation happened and nothing looked like baby on the dating scene, I sold all the baby equipment and gave away the clothes.

When I met my partner, within days we were talking about a baby and I allowed the maternal longing to unfold. I allowed myself to desire and dream for the third baby but I had health issues to overcome. We remained positive and I remember clearly the moment when the doctor gave us the go-ahead to try for a baby…it was like all the sparks in the heavens were creating something special for us.

I do believe we choose our families and the situations we are born into. This little girl so knew what she was doing when she choose a family that longed so much for her, not just her mom and dad but her two big brothers also.

Saorla has always been like the gift we got when we faced our stuff.

Saorla is an old Irish name for Princess of Freedom…we wanted her to be free, to embody freedom and all its beautiful qualities as a person because that is something we came to value more and more as we continue to put our jig-saw of life together.

Love and Light baby girl xxx

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