“It’s just the most beautiful book. We read it last night at bedtime and she came into me this morning with it and we read it again. It’s so beautiful and calming. We absolutely love it and the colouring book too. A truly wonderful book for children and their parents.”
“Your book is read every night going to bed in this house. They love it and got the flow of the chakras too, it’s amazing how they pick it up and it relaxes and soothes them. I’m pure delighted to finally have such a beautiful book for them. It adds to their skill set and life tools to build resilience and self-care for life especially as c19 continues and each lockdown comes it can get harder on them.”
“My little boy struggles with regulating his emotions and anxiety. I watched a few of Bella the butterfly videos and asked Belinda for advice. She was so friendly and really helpful. Sent me on meditation music and techniques to teach him. At night I played the music for him and taught him the techniques. After a week of doing this we saw such a difference in him. I couldn't believe it. Belinda has really helped us so much and would recommend her to everyone and Bella the Butterfly. Thank you so much Belinda and Saorla my house is full of glitter Jars now"